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If you don’t shop on European sites you should! I have been on the hunt for a new bag. When I want a current season bag one of the best ways to save is to look online overseas.  Prices are typically a little lower in Europe.  Here is an example of the difference in price.

This bag retails for $1200 here and after my local tax it would be $1311.  Same bag buying from a boutique in Europe including duties, taxes, and shipping is $1195.  Saves me $116.  During sale times these differences are even better.

Make sure at checkout all customs duties are included in the price.  Any sale under $800 shipped to the US does not require duties.  If you are buying multiple items and they are under $800 each it might be best to place 2 orders to avoid duties.  Some sites like Farfetch and Matches Fashion include everything in the prices so there are no hidden fees.  Other sites don’t add until checkout.  Here are 2 examples of what check out looks like.  Make sure it says duties and taxes included.


Make sure the site is trusted. Most cards and PayPal protect you against fake purchases.  It’s a pain but typically you get your money back. There are several great sites in Europe that are not well-known here.  That doesn’t mean they aren’t great.  Some are small boutiques that sell online as well as the larger department stores.  I always google the site and check to see if they have a physical store location.  If they have a physical store you can search for reviews and social media. With a little research you can see if the site is a trusted authorized seller.

A few more things. Check return policies and return shipping cost. The return shipping cost can be very high sometimes.  Also, if you are using a credit card make sure your card does not charge you a foreign transaction fee.  I have some that do and some that don’t.   Don’t forget to use Ebates or Top Cash Back to save even more.  That is also a good sign the site is trusted.  They don’t partner with fake sites. Here are some sites I love.

Farfetch, Matches Fashion, Italist, L’inde Le Palais, Glamood, Gente Roma, My Theresa, Gaudenzi Boutique, Harrods, and Giglio.  I will try to get a complete list up soon.

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9 thoughts on “Online shopping in Europe

  1. You have become my Luxe Teacher! ❤️ Thank you for being so detailed and informative on this post. I have never and won’t ever shop Black Friday. Same as you waste of time and energy. My local Nordstrom appears to be starting sales this coming weekend. The bad thing is they don’t carry real high end designers in shoes or purses. Most likely will be sticking to online shopping!

    1. Hi! I don’t now but thats a great idea! I am working on a new website and I will include a full list. 🙂

  2. Hi I have my eye on a Gaudenzi bag but their website and customer service says that I’m responsible for duties and customs fees as soon as the item arrives. That I pay the shipper. What does that mean ?

    1. Yes, most sites that are small boutiques work this way. If your order is under $800 there is no duties. If it’s over $800 you will receive a bill from DHL once it enter US customs. You pay DHL and then they deliver.

      1. Omg thank you for answering! ❤️ That helps a lot!!! I almost bought something off Gaudenzi for 1600 euros just to pay under retail and with taxes and custom fees would have been more.

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