Black Friday Shopping!!!

You will never catch me shopping on Black Friday!  The crowds, the pushing, the no parking, and don’t get me started on why stores are open on Thanksgiving Day!  That is not Black Friday that is Thanksgiving and I want to be eating and drinking. Who’s with me?  Now, the real reason I am not shopping that day is because it’s too late.  The sales don’t start on Black Friday they start days before.  Most of the good stuff is gone!

What do I mean?  Black Friday is a myth in the fashion world.  Stores don’t do anything special on that day regarding designer items.  The sales start a few days before.  Saks, Nordstrom, Barneys, Neiman Marcus etc. have already started the sale typically a few days before Thanksgiving. This year I was told Nordstrom sales associates will have the designer sale list on 11/15 and the sale begins 11/20.  Get in touch with a Nordstrom sales associate and ask to have the list sent to you before the sale starts.  That is true of most department stores.  Time to contact your sales associates and make sure you are on their list to receive sale updates.  Why shop on Black Friday when most of the good stuff was cleaned out days before without the chaos?  I do understand if you like the experience and its a holiday tradition with friends and family.  For me I like the deal!  I will be out shopping on the 20th or before.

This goes for outlets too!  Last year most of the Black Friday sales started online and in stores the Monday or Tuesday before Thanksgiving.  Sometimes, if you are real nice the sales associates they will pre-sell or hold items until the sale starts a day or two before that. Gucci, Saint Laurent, Prada, and other designer outlets start early as well.  Sometimes, they start their sales even earlier.  Last year the Gucci outlet started their sale on the Saturday before Thanksgiving.  For the Gucci outlet and others you need to be at the store when the sale starts to get the best items.  They may have a few things to restock but not always.  If you go to the Gucci outlet on Black Friday the sale has been going on for almost a week and you don’t get the best selection.

Online retailers like Farfetch, Italist, and Matches Fashion send out emails for early shopping access.  Make sure you have signed up to receive email alerts from these companies.  Stay tuned I will be posting when sales start on Instagram.  I love shopping this time of year, but after Christmas when prices drop to 60%-70% off I get real excited.

Department store sales start at 30-40% off retail.  The Gucci outlet typically is around 50% off outlet prices on select merchandise. That wall of shoes was 50% off outlet prices which are about 50% off retail.  Prada, Saint Laurent, Fendi, etc. have special pricing on select items.  These are some examples of prices from the last sale. Happy shopping season!!!!

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  1. I’ve worked in retail for years, Bloomingdales, Saks and few others and I can tell you for a fact that the same exact sale that runs on Black Friday has already started that Monday/Tuesday at the beginning of the week! There is no magic surprise for those early risers. Looking forward to the deals from the comfort of my own home!

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