SA’s and the keys to the kingdom!

Sale season is upon us!!!  The best deals I have ever gotten are from sales associates in department stores.  I can’t express enough how important finding good ones are for deal hunting.  I take this real serious. Hahahah.  You will need good ones when second cuts happen and items drop to 60%-70% off.  Prices will drop online but with thousands of people shopping at the same time its gone in seconds. To get Louboutin, Dior, and Chanel at 60% off you will need to have a relationship with sales associates.  Other than Louboutin (occasionally) you will not find Chanel and Dior on sale online ever.

Many associates now use photo sharing and WhatsApp to share sale items and new arrivals.  You need to be on their list to get the updates.  Right now is the time!  I have already started receiving list of what items will be on sale including Gucci, Valentino, and Saint Laurent.  Some SA’s share these list via email, WhatsAPP, or photo sharing.  Pre-sell is starting and if you have those list you can contact to order now. Nordstrom and Saks seem to be faster at getting list out and pre-selling so start there.

As of now I don’t share my list of SA’s for 2 reasons. 1. They took a long time to build and 2. I think it’s a personal relationship. I know that sounds crazy but sometimes you just get along better with some SA’s than others.  We could have the same SA and they share their deals with you first simply because they like you better.  It can be that simple. The nicer and easier you are to work with the more you get offered.  No one wants to work with high maintenance rude people….right?  🙂  I have some that will text me first simply because we are friendly and they know I will buy fast.  Most of mine know I only buy during sale times but that I am a serious buyer.  They need to know you are a serious buyer and that takes a few purchases to establish.

That is the other way to get offered items first. Build a reputation that you will buy fast without a lot of questions.  They are super busy during sale time and running around.  They don’t have a ton of time to be responding to 100’s of people. Most SA’s have my card on file and when they text me a pic I simply say Yes.  They have my info and shipping address already already on file.  It’s as simple as that.  A one second response to produce a sale. I’m not saying you can’t ever ask questions but if they know you are easy and fast to work with they will be more likely offer to you.

This is the week to find sales associates!  Come next week when the sales really start they get super busy.  Here is the simple way to find sales associates and get on their list. Call!  It’s that simple.  You don’t need to go into stores and you don’t need to live close.  I would say I have never met 90% of the sales associates I work with. They are from all over the country and different department stores. Pick up the phone and call a bunch of Nordstroms (with designer items), Saks, Neimans, and Barneys.  Ask to speak to a sales associate in womens and/or mens shoe dept. They will also be able to sell you bags and send bag pics. Someone from the floor that day will pick up.  Ask them if they have a sales list you can be added too.  Not all do, or some will not disclose they do if they already have a big client list.  Keep calling!  Maybe call the same store the next day when someone else is working.  The more stores you call the more list you get on.  It’s a numbers game.

Some of my favorites sale finds this year! All over 60% off retail! Happy shopping!IMG_4918

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  1. Hey so I know you won’t share your SA info which I totally understand but will you be sharing the sale lists with us?

    1. Hi! The list are long and mostly in photo sharing. It would be hard to post each list. 🙁 Also, every store and SA has different list.

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