Italist! One of my fave sites!

You’ve heard me say it before and I’ll say it again….I LOVE Italist!  You know I have been on the hunt for a new bag and here she is straight from Italist. In LOVE!


I have mentioned before how shopping from Europe can save you money, especially if you are looking for current season items not on sale. This Gucci Marmot bag retails for $1400.  If I were to buy here and pay my local tax I would pay $1529.  On Italist the bag was $1114.45 and the total after customs fees was $1215.75!  Because I live in CA, and Italist has there US office in CA, I do have to pay my local sales tax as well.  Even after my local tax the total for the bag was $1318.84.  For me that’s a savings of $210!  There are several great sites but Italist is definitely one of my faves!  I have ordered 9 items from them and have always been super happy! When I have posted about Italist before I get tons of questions so I am going to try explain how it works.

Italist only sells authentic items shipped directly from authorized Italian boutiques.  Many of these smaller boutiques either don’t have an online presence or brands restrict they way they are allowed to sell online.  Many designer brands dictate how retailers are allowed to sell online and when they are allowed to put items on sale. This can make online shopping tricky for boutiques.  Italist does not sell any products themselves instead they connect international buyers to the Italian designer boutiques. When you order through Italist they handle the sale and shipping, but the item is actually shipped directly from the designer boutiques in Italy.

Italist prices are lower because prices in Italy are lower! It’s really that simple. Italist steps in and allows us to buy from the boutiques, with the lower cost, without having to be in Italy.  They handle the shipping, taxes, and customs duties.  The total price will be reflected at check out. Remember, no customs duties are required for purchases under $800 when shipped to the US.  Those are the best deals!

Once you place an order it may take a day to confirm the item is still available in the store.  If confirmed you will receive confirmation and tracking info quickly.  The items are shipped fast and arrive in about 4 days.  I suggest really making sure you want the item and will not need to return it.  They do allow returns but please remember all returns are handled through Italian customs.  Italian customs will require you pay for return shipping and they do not refund customs duties.  I rarely return items, but if you need to return there will be cost associated with it. Here is a quick video explaining it all.

Lastly, this is something I always have to address when sharing new sites.  Reviews!  I always research websites before I purchase from them and often read the reviews.  I do take reviews for all sites with a grain of salt though.  Every website has reviews stating fake items and terrible customer service.  No website is without these reviews. They are not the majority, but I do know it can make the decision to order difficult.  The majority of people only take the time to review when they are angry which makes it hard to get a clear picture.  When reading reviews of Italist the majority of complaints come from people that did not read the return policy and then had to return.  There are plenty of positive reviews as well.  Remember, no website or company will make 100% of people happy.

Thank you Italist for sponsoring this post. All opinions expressed in this post are based on my personal views.

Here are some of my favorite items currently on Italist:


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