CHANEL Sale Deets!


The CHANEL sale has started!!!  What does that mean? I decided to write this after yesterdays post.  My inbox was flooded with questions.  If there is one thing I love talking about it’s sales and shopping.  So….Chanel pre-sell has started in major department stores like Bergdorf, Nordstrom, Sakes, Neimans, etc.  Any department store that carries Chanel will have them on sale.  The Chanel boutiques will not be having a sale again.  BOO!

The sales only happen in store and not online. These sales happen 2x a year during the designer sale times. Chanel is always late to the sale game.  This year seems later than usually and I have been waiting not so patiently.  It starts with pre-sell at 30% off retail.   What is included is select shoes, some accessories (mostly costume jewelry and brooches), and RTW clothing.  Bags are not included in the sale.  Once in a blue moon they have one but I think they are only offered to super clients, which I am not.  Hahaha.  I have seen one sale bag my SA showed me, but it was already sold, and I hate to say it but so ugly.

Most of my sale items don’t come from the state I live in or stores near me. You can read about how to find SA’s in my past blog post.  I have established relationships with SA’s that make it easier to shop.  Typically,  pre-sell is offered to existing clients only.  Sometimes, if you walk in stores or call and ask about the Chanel sale the SA will play dumb.  They will tell you they don’t have Chanel on sale.  It will open to the public soon, and at that point the sale shoes will be on the floor.  The secret will be out.  If you call now or walk in the store, act like you were notified about it.  Don’t ask if they have any sale items.  Instead, ask them to see what they have on sale like you were already notified.  I have no shame!  Hahahah. This is how I slowly started seeing more sale items.  I was given pictures of all the Chanel sale items yesterday and today they can start pre-selling them. They won’t ship until the sale officially starts.

Now, the exciting part.  Chanel is amazing at 30% off but even better at 60% off!!!  In a few weeks the sale will drop to 60% off.  That is when I get excited.  Hahaha. Keep those SA’s close and be ready to buy in one second if they send you a picture of something you like. If you blink it is gone.  January has the best deals of the year for me.  Lots of people buying gifts right now and lots of returns in January.  If sale items are returned they are marked down to whatever the current sale is.  That means those Chanel ballet flats bought at 30% off, when returned, get marked down to 60% off. Now, go out at find some Chanel on sale!!!

Here are some pictures of past Chanel deals I found at 60% off!

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