How to keep OTK boots UP!


A few months ago I posted a new pair of OTK (over the knee) boots I got for a deal.  I love OTK boots but could never get them to stay up. Who is with me?  I asked you all for some suggestions and I tried a few.  I tried the thick socks, double sided tape, and tying them real tight.  I didn’t want to sew or alter the boots in anyway since my closet is always on rotation, and I never know when I will sell them.  Hahaha.  I wanted something I could use that was fast, easy, and didn’t need to be sewn on.

One day I was cleaning out my bathroom closet and found self adhesive wrap.  You know the kind you use for injuries and sprains?  A lightbulb went off and I wrapped one thigh with it, one without, put my boots on (tied tight), and strutted around the house. I wore them cleaning and organizing for over an hour.  It worked!  It was enough grip to keep them from slipping. The wraps are self adhesive and stick to whatever they come in contact with.  The above picture is the before and after of wearing them for an hour.  Left side no wrap and right side with wrap. I tried with just skin contact and it worked great too.

I went on Amazon and ordered some off brands because they matched the color of my boots, but they didn’t work as well.  Over the past few weeks I tried the CVS, Target, and 3M brands.  They all worked great. I like the thicker 3″ or 4″ width over the 2″.  Stays up better the thicker the width is.

It is super simple to do and does not alter or damage your boots in anyway.  I put my boots on and before I pull them up wrap my thighs 2 times around with the wrap and cut.  I wrap about 3/4″ below the top of where the boot hits. Pull the boots over the wrap and if the boots have strings, pull them tight and tie. That is it!  Below is how I wrap my thighs and an example of the one I used in this picture.  You can pick it up when you are at Target or here on Amazon.  Give it a try and let me know if it work for you too!  🙂

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