Designer Sales!!!

Past sale finds all 40-65% off!!!

Designer sale time has started!!!  These sales happen 2 times a year, and designers dictate how and when their items go on sale.  These sales run from May-July and Nov-Jan.  Most stores start within a few days of each other. This week is the start of pre-sell.  Barneys, Bergdorf, Neimans, Bloomingdales, Nordstrom, Saks and smaller boutiques like FWRD and  The Webster will all be holding sales. Designer boutiques like Saint Laurent and Louboutin will have sales as well, but start a little after dept. stores. Online retailers like Farfetch, SSENSE and Matches Fashion also hold sales.  Basically, anywhere that sells designers items will have sales. Many of these sites hold private sales first. Make sure you create accounts so you will be notified and have access when sales start.

The sales start in waves and the discounts typically start at 30-40% off retail.  I was shocked Bloomingdales started with 50% off Gucci!  After a few weeks, the prices get slashed to 60-70% off.  This is what second cuts means.  I generally hold out for this time. The gamble is you never know what is left or if they will have your size.  I love the thrill of the hunt and stalking my SA’s (sales associates) for these deals. Hahaha.

By the 21st of this month, the sales should be in full swing.  Louboutin’s sale should be starting around 5/24, though Nordstrom and Saks are already pre-selling.  As always, Chanel and Dior wait a bit longer to join in. No word on those dates yet (stay tuned.)  This week sales are in store only and then will go online, with a few exceptions.  Louboutin, Chanel, and Dior sales are never online.  For these deals, you will need to shop in person or through an SA.  Also, sales don’t typically include classic shoes or colors.  When Chanel puts espadrilles on sale they are the seasonal colors and styles.

The most requested thing I get when sales start is to share SA contacts. SA’s are the best way to score deals during this time.  I did a whole blog post here on how to find them if you are interested.  I also have made a list to share with you all.  This includes SA’s and personal stylist from several stores and some in Canada too.  You can never have enough contacts in my opinion.  🙂  Here is the list below with their Instagram handles!!!  The names with stars next to them I have personally shopped with before.  A quick way to know if someone is legit is to call the store direct and ask for them. That way you know they actually work in the store before handing over CC info.  Happy shopping and wishing you all deal hunting luck this sale season!!!!



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