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The Hermès US summer sale is coming to New Jersey 7/25 – 7/28!  This is a sale you don’t want to miss!  Prices are 50%-70% off retail.  Most shoes, accessories, and jewelry are 50% off and clothing up to 70% off.  No bags are ever at the sale.  The sale is held off site and not in the actual retail store.  Read on for my experience attending last summer’s sale and some tips to shopping the sale. Time and location of sale:

Thur 7/25 – Sun 7/28
Thur-Sat 10am-9pm Sun 10am-7pm

1200 Morris Turnpike
Short Hill, New Jersey
(not in actual retail store but somewhere in the mall, look for signs)

Here is a glimpse inside last year’s sale.  There were a lot of shoes including Oran sandals 50% off.  No classic colors, only seasonal colors and styles.  Lots of Clic Clacs, enamel bracelets, and leather bracelets all 50% off.  A large selection of silks 50% off, and clothes were all around 70% off retail. They had a good selection of men’s shoes as well.

Here are my tips for shopping the sale:

  • Arrive very early the line starts hours before the sale.  I was in line at 7am and waited 5 hours to get in.  Had I been there at 6am I would have been the first group let in.
  • There are separate lines inside the sale. Lines for silks, shoes, and jewelry.  Head to what you really want first. The Oran sandals went quick.
  • They restock constantly throughout the sale.  I checked back and kept asking employees about shoes.  They bought my size out from back. They have a lot more shoes than what is on the floor.  They were still opening shipments and restocking while I was there.
  • There are limits of each type of item per person.  I dragged my husband so I could increase my limits. Haha.  Bring someone along if you want more than the allotted limits.

Is the sale worth it? YES!!!!  I would wait 5 hours again in a heartbeat!  It was a fun experience and the time went by fast chatting with everyone in line.  They do a good job of keeping the crowds down in the sale, so it doesn’t feel super chaotic.  Here is some of what came home with me from last year’s sale! All 50% off!!!

24 thoughts on “Hermès US Summer Sale

  1. In your experience, do you think it is less crowded after a day or two, or is it the same any day you go? Also, by the last day are they out of a lot of items? Thanks!

    1. I only went on the first day but heard the lines were about same everyday. If you want Oran’s or more popular items the first day is best. Oran’s went fast.

    1. Me too! They did it last year in Orange County and 3 years ago in LA. They are switching it up. I hope it comes back to west coast next year. 😀

  2. Thanks for the information! Do you know if there will be jewelry this year? Someone on IG mentioned there will be no jewelry or scarves this year.

    1. They might have a VIP on the 24th but starting the 25th it’s open to the public. 🙂

  3. Hi. Do you know if the sale is at the mall or in a hotel? I read somewhere its in a hotel by the mall. I know its not in the actual retail store I’m confused. Hahaha!

    1. I saw someone mentioned the hotel. It’s at the mall. You can call the Jersey store and get the suite number. I think its 204 or 205.

  4. This may be a silly question, but this is my first sample sale experience. If the mall opens at 10am, will there be a dedicates line outside of the mall? TIA!

  5. Is there any way to shop the sale without going to the store? Ex. calling the store to place the order?

    1. It’s all word of mouth. VIP clients get invites and it spreads. I always share as soon as I hear. 🙂

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