Redweek! Best kept travel secret!

Redweek! My best kept travel secret!  This is the first place I check before booking any hotel.  This website will save you thousands!  I got introduced to Redweek when I first stayed at a timeshare in Maui.  I had my first son at the time, and staying in one hotel room seemed difficult with a baby.  I was so scared to move and wake him.  Hahahah. First time Mom. Now, I have 3 kids!  I’m not scared to wake them but traveling in one hotel room is not an option for us anymore.  We need a little more space.  If you have kids and need more than a single room you know how expensive booking suites or connecting rooms can be.  Booking timeshare rooms was the solution I needed.

Redweek is a website that individual owners and brokers lease timeshare rooms for a fraction of what booking a hotel room or suite cost.  Prices vary as it’s individuals leasing their owned time.  No need to buy in or sit through a timeshare pitch. Many are hotels and timeshares on the same property.  It’s simply renting a hotel room.  The best part of many timeshare hotels is the amount of space and amenities you receive.  We travel often and timeshare hotels have so many activities for kids, including kids clubs with child care. If you are traveling with no kids its still a great place to book.  You can get an even better deal on a studio.

Often, these rooms come with a kitchen, washer and dryer, and multiple bathrooms, which all are key for me when traveling with kids.  They are more like condos than a basic hotel room.  Here is the room we are staying in now.  It has 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, kitchen, washer and dryer, and family room.  The couch in the family room and bedroom both pull out to beds.

Now, the best part, the PRICE!!!  We got this room (in the video) at the Newport Ocean Villas for $1600 for 7 nights, no tax and no resort fees. $1600 flat! This is an area where it’s hard to find a hotel near the beach (with amenities and pool) for under $500 a night, for a basic hotel room.  If you were to book this exact room on Marriott’s website it would have been $5,041 after tax. On the left (below) is Marriott’s pricing and the right (below) is the rental agreement I paid for $1600.  Same exact room but saved thousands. We are very last minute travelers and sometimes that pays off.  Owners needing to get rid of a trip last minute sometimes drop prices low.

Redweek has thousands of locations all over the world including luxury properties like Four Seasons and Ritz hotels.  Here is another comparison of savings at the Ritz in St. Thomas.  The left is what it would cost if you booked on the Ritz website, and the right is the same room if you booked on Redweek.  Booking on the Ritz website would cost you $29,077 and on Redweek the same entire week is $4300.  That is a crazy amount of savings!  There are lots of deals and some amazing resorts in Mexico that are around $900 for the whole week!

Here is how booking on Redweek works.  You have to set up an account in order to view listings. If you want to book you need to pay $18.99 for a year subscription, that is worth every penny!  From there you can search and start messaging timeshare owners.  When I find a time and location I am interested in, I message a few different owners.  It should be easy and I do it all over email.  Sometimes, they ask to call but I request it done over email. Since you are working with individuals you do need to protect yourself.  There are scammers so you need to be careful.  Redweek does have a section on the site about protecting yourself.

When you are ready to book they will ask for the name you want on the reservation, address, and phone number.  They will send a rental agreement that you will need to sign and return.  Since it’s a timeshare read the cancellation policy.   You may want want to buy trip insurance since most trips are non-refundable once paid.  I only pay using PayPal since it covers you, if it’s a scam.  I’ve booked a lot and never been scammed, but it does happen.  DO NOT pay by bank transfer, Zelle, or Venmo you will not be protected.  After payment, the owner will put your name on the reservation. You should receive an email from the hotel with your reservation details.  This whole process should take about 24 hours or less.  Once I receive the reservation confirmation and number, I call the resort direct to make sure my name is on the reservation and the dates are correct.  From there you are all set.  You will have two names on the reservation, which will be yours and the actual owners.  That is normal. The process is easy and once you do it once you will be hooked!

If you come to Orange County, CA here are some places close by I shopped and loved.  Nordstrom Rack and Off 5th in Costa Mesa had lots of great designer items including Louboutin’s and Valentino.  The Outlets at Orange had a great Last Call with tons of designer clothes.  Fashion Island and South Coast Plaza are full price malls with tons of designer stores.  Both these malls get lots of designer items and during sale time are amazing to shop.

Hope this was helpful and if you have any questions leave them on the Instagram post.  Might be helpful for others to see the answers. Safe travels!

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