Gucci Outlets

Marked down to $720 at Gucci outlet locations!

Gucci outlets are a great place to score some deals!  There are 14 outlets in the US, 1 in Canada, 13 in Europe, 4 in China, 3 in South Korea, 7 in Japan, 1 in Taiwan , 1 in Malaysia, and 1 in Brazil. You can always get the most updated list by checking here, and typing outlet in the search bar.  You will see all locations globally with phone numbers and addresses.  The stores are not always the best at picking up the phone, an no online shopping.  You may get lucky, and if you do, make sure you grab their personal number before hanging up.  The BEST way to grab deals is to have personal contacts in the stores.  You don’t have to live near one to get the deals. I have scored items from several locations, that I have never stepped foot in. It’s about relationship building. If you buy fast, easy, and often they are more likely to keep you in the loop.

Once you have a contact they are able to send you pictures and sell over phone. They will ship anywhere in the US for $10. They get new items all the time, and have markdowns every once in awhile.  The markdowns are not always advertised, and a good SA will keep you in the loop.  Markdowns are different than the sales they have. They typically have 2 sales a year, around Black Friday and Memorial Day weekend. They generally start the Thursday or Friday before. The date is never released until a day or 2 before they start.  It’s best to be there early the day the sale starts.   These are some of the best deals.  I’ve seen anywhere from an extra 30%-75% off the outlet prices.  No one picking up at the Gucci outlets?  Here are some online deals I found today:


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