How the remove/apply gel polish


I’ve been doing my own gel nails at home for awhile now. Saves money and time for me. I can do it when I’m home and kids are asleep.  One less thing to try and squeeze in during the day.  I watch my shows and do my nails. I have tried lots of UV gel polishes on Amazon and Ulta, and Sally Hansen UV is my favorite. Brush is smaller and easier to control, and the pigment is better. Make sure it’s the UV gel polish and not regular gel polish.  I do love that one too as a regular polish sometimes to give my nails a break.  I also added my favorite foot callus remover.  Trust me it’s a game changer and doesn’t cut you! I don’t use the Sally Hansen light, I bought a different one, that one seemed a little small for me. These are the steps and products I use below.

To remove UV gel polish:

  1. File top layer of polish to allow remover to soak in.
  2. Soak cotton ball in acetone and put on nail, wrap in foil to hold in place.
  3. Wait about 10 min. I like to heat with blow dryer it helps.
  4. Pull off foil trying to pull polish off. Remove with scraper tool what didn’t come off.

To apply UV gel polish:

  1. Do manicure. Cut cuticle, cut and file nails, and buff them to make a little grit.
  2. This step is vital and nail polish won’t work without it. If you read reviews that the polish doesn’t stay and chips, its most likely because this step was missed.  Wipe nail with alcohol or cleansing wipes. Then you HAVE to use some kind of bond primer. Just a swipe on each nail. Let dry for a few seconds.
  3. Apply UV base coat and put under UV light for at least 60 seconds. Make sure you don’t touch cuticle or sides of skin.  They will lift and peel off.  This does take practice.
  4. Apply a layer of UV color polish and put under light for at least 60 seconds. Repeat with a second coat and cure under light again.
  5. Apply UV top coat and cure for 90 seconds with UV light.
  6. Wipe with alcohol or cleaning wipe to remove sticky residue.
  7. I like to apply cuticle oil and rub in

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