Price matching and SA list!

These were all 70% off thanks to price matching!

Lots of talk lately about price matching, so I thought I would share a little about it here.  All department stores are able to price match from competitors sites. These typically have to be another department store or designer boutique in the US. They will not price match international sites or outlet sites.  I scored all of these shoes pictured by price matching.  These were all put on Bergdorf site 70% off, but my sizes were sold out.  I was able to have them price matched by Neimans and Nordstrom.

Department stores will gladly price match their competitors, but they need proof of price. It seems every company and even individual stores vary in what they consider proof. Some just ask for screenshot of item with price, and others need a link showing its still on site, and in the size you are requesting.  All of these were price matched with a screen shot not showing store, sizes available, or proof they were still on sale.

While this sale was going on (and even over) many of you were able to get them price matched. Some of you also sent me DM’s saying your sales associates couldn’t price match. I have no idea why some stores say yes and others don’t. This varies even within the same company.  I was having shoes price matched with an SA from Nordstrom and other Nordstrom SA’s saying they couldn’t. This has also happened with Neimans in the past. I feel it really comes down to the manager of each store and how flexible they want to be.

Here is what I do when I see a steal online and sold out. I grab a screen shot and start reaching out to sales associates. It’s best if you can grab a shot showing the store too. I ask if they can price match? Some say no right away, and others come back with yes. Never hurts to ask! You can also call customer service or use online chat to price match.  I personally like using sales associates.  They get the commission and helps keep a relationship.  I love online shopping but THE best deals always have and always will come from sales associates.  Technology and online shopping can never match the human approach to shopping with SA’s.  They will always go the extra mile for you!

The next question I get asked is how to buy from SA’s you have never met.  I have not personally met the majority of the SA’s I shop with. Best way is to text or DM them. If you are really looking to score the deal make it as easy as possible for them to ring it up right away.  They will get flooded with text and DMs.  I have no fear in giving my credit card information to sales associates. If you are worried they don’t work in the store you can always call the store direct and ask for them, that way you know they are in the store to process the order.  If you DM them payment info you can always go back and delete it in DM’s. Using a store card also makes it less risky.

I do it all the time and have never had an issue. After you have made a purchase they can make a profile for you with all your info stored.  Makes it easier to shop the next time, and you don’t have to share all your info again.  I know not everyone is comfortable giving payment info, but they need it to process the order.  These SA’s have worked hard to become sales associates in luxury stores.  They didn’t just walk off the street and get a job on the floor of a luxury department store. This is their career, and they wouldn’t throw it away for credit card fraud. I’ve never had an SA have a side hustle as a criminal, that I know of.  Hahahah.  If you are serious about buying, this is the format I recommend sending for the first text or DM. Sending all the info upfront gives you much higher odds they will stop and ring right away.  Make it easy for them to process the sale:

Text Box: Send picture of screen shot. I’ll take these in a 38, 38.5, or 39 (38.5 is my first choice) Stacie H Street City, State Zip Visa 5555 5555 5555 555 4/22    980 (555) 555-5555






Here is a list of updated Sales Associates. The ones highlighted in yellow I have personally shopped with.

Screen Shot 2020-05-09 at 12.56.48 PM


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