Where I score Dior for less!

Current season. Retail is $790 paid $523.

Dior is one of those brands that can be challenging to find for a deal.  Dior does go on sale in boutiques and department stores, but seldom does that include classics or classic colors.  The sales aren’t online and do not include bags.  Getting these sale items requires a visit to stores or having a sales associates number.

However, there are a few sites that do sell Dior, and occasionally have current season for less.  I was able to grab these current season espadrilles for $523 (no tax), and they are still on Dior’s website for $790.  Two of my favorites sites occasionally have Dior deals. I grabbed these espadrilles on Cettire.  They have both women’s and men’s Dior shoe deals.  Italist is my other go to place to check. They also have women’s and men’s shoe deals. These sites have lower prices, since they ship from Europe where prices are always less.

Another great place to save a little on Dior is 24S.  Here you will pay retail, but no extra tax/duties and shipping is free.  This is great for deals on current season bags, where saving tax can be a few hundred dollars. Like this canvas book tote or this new Lady Dior Canvas bag.  Gilt and Shop 375 also occasionally have Dior for less. On Shop 375 use code SHOP10 to take 10% off.


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