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Retail $2450 Paid $1090

Shopping on International sites can save you thousands! Prices are always lower in Europe vs US prices. It can be a little nerve wracking so let’s break it down. Most sites will show you prices in USD if you change the country you are shipping to. The main thing to look at is are duties/taxes included at check out. Most larger sites like Harrods and Selfridges show you all fees at check out. Make sure you read their purchase policy and what the return policy is. Sites take returns, but they can be costly. Larger sites usually offer free returns. Some charge you return shipping, and in some cases duties won’t be refunded. It is important to read the policies. There are no duties charged on any order under $800 coming from Europe to US, on any site.

Here is an example of how shopping on a site, that does not include duties works. I bought this Givenchy Antigona on Base Blu. They are based in Italy. I shopped using their US site and could see all prices in USD. At check out I saw the price of the bag and shipping, but not duties. Duties change and you can use duty calculators (google) to estimate the prices, but the exact amount billed won’t be known until it arrives in US customs. Since you won’t be paying US sales tax, I don’t mind the duties. I checked out normally like any site. Three days later when the bag arrived in US, I got a text from DHL with a duties bill. I paid $954 for the bag (crazy price) at check out, and then received a bill from DHL for $136. I paid the bill on DHL’s site and the bag was delivered two days later.

Before using cards make sure they do not charge foreign transactions fees. Some do and some don’t, but it can be up to 3% off the total purchase if they do charge. The most asked question is how to know what sites can be trusted. I’ve mentioned before how much I dislike online reviews. They are seldom an accurate picture of a company. People only review when angry. There are so many positive shopping experiences, but seldom do people review those. As in terms of authenticity its hard to keep up with changing markers. I see reviews slamming authentic sites, but they are based on inaccurate information or knowledge. I recently saw a review saying a site was fake because the dust bag and box were wrong. They weren’t, designers change boxes and dust bag designs periodically. Authenticating is a true art form these days, and is a full time job to keep up with all the changes. Remember all reviews are people’s opinions and not based on real research. If you look on Trust Pilot Nordstrom and Saks have terrible reviews and a “poor rating.” Hahahah.

Europe has a lot more smaller boutiques versus the large department stores we have here. They are authorized sellers, meaning they get the items straight from designers, like department stores here do. Here is my list of favorite international sites, and all are authorized sellers of all designers.

HarrodsSSENSEBase Blu
Harvey NicholsLUISAVIAROMAJulian Fashion
Browns FashionGiglioGente Roma
Matches FashionTESSABITTiziana Fausti
My TheresaLN-CCLino Ricci
Mr. PorterMONNIER FrèresGaudenzi Boutique

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    1. Hi! This is my list of only authorized sellers. I will be doing another one with my favorite discount sites. Some people only like to shop if the items come straight from designers. I always get asked a lot if sites are real or fake. These sites have no questions since they have accounts with designers. 🙂

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